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Our Story

• The freedom-loving world needs a strong America.


• America needs young people to choose careers and perform well in STEM-related fields.


• Southern Nevada, Nellis AFB in particular, is the epicenter for air, space, and cyberspace training

and is known globally as "The Home of the Fighter Pilot" so the natural ability to inspire is built into the region and these real-life action stars are able to get kids' undivided attention.

• The FAST Center is poised to capitalize on the opportunity to motivate, train, and connect the next generation to civilian and military careers that need qualified young people from every walk of life - are you ready to make it happen for the future of America?

"The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DOD endorsement."


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Blue Skies

Aviation, Space & Cyberspace Museum

Past - Present - Future

Advanced interactive exhibits with lighting, sound, and 3-D LED environments to immerse the viewer into the scenes.

Veteran-led docent tours and our self-guided app will allow guests to delve deeper into the content, and even connect with the related job fields they are interested in.

The main hangar will be the perfect spot for themed events.


STEM Education Programs

Connecting to Careers

Young leaders can join the FAST STEM Academy™ to access curriculum, educators, and mentors to support their rise to new levels of stratospheric achievement.

In-person and virtual learning.

From introductory level to FAST certification.

Classrooms across America will be able to tune in for special presentations and lesson plans.


Technology & Career Expo

Civilian & Defense

Manufacturer-sponsored year-round world's fair style technology exhibits to excite the imagination and connect visitors with the current jobs available in the STEM disciplines.

What we'd like to hear is, "Hey, that looks cool, I didn't realize there was a job for that, I wonder if I could do that..." and with a click on their FAST App they get all the information they need about the job, the education needed, and a direct link to the company's HR.

Blue Skies
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